Uses Structure Wisely

Passage: Acts 6:1-7
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Three indicators that caring for widows is NOT inferior to the apostles' ministries of prayer and the ministry of the word:

  1. They addressed the need IMMEDIATELY
  2. They required SPIRITUAL MATURITY in those who would meet the need
    • Spiritual Maturity
    • Wisdom
    • Good reputation
  3. The word used to describe "serving tables" (diakonia) is THE SAME WORD USED to describe "the ministry of the word"

How can we best handle problems & needs as they come up in the church today?


My Next Step with God is to...

  • fill out my own "pie chart" reflecting where I'm spending my time. Is there room for mentoring relationships & other ministry?
  • consider which approach to ministry I actually prefer:
    • hired ministers and supporting congregations
    • equal oppurtunity for all to serve in meaningful ways
  • ask God who at Cornerstone He might want me to pursue a more intentional friendship with (think mentoring and being mentored)
  • participate in the home group book study, "Letters to the Church" by Francis Chan as a companion study to the sermon series (chapter 7)