Pursues the Unlikely and the Unliked

Passage: Acts 8:26-40
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Get to know the 3 main players in the story

The Ethiopian eunuch

  • He's Important
  • He's Broken
  • He's Ready for Jesus

Philip, the apostle

  • He's Eager
  • He's Bold
  • He's Simply The Messenger

The 3rd character - The Holy Spirit

  • He's Active
  • He's Intentional
  • He's Pursuing the Unlikely and the Unliked


In what way does this story encourage you, inspire you or give you hope?



Which of the 3 players in the story encourages you most?  Why?


My NEXT STEP with God is to…

  • …thank God for pursuing me and loving me when I was not worthy of His attention or love.
  • …consider: Is God pursuing ME through this message?
    • What is the nature of my relationship with Jesus?
    • Do I simply like Him, or am I a follower?  (There’s a big difference.)
  • …consider: Is God calling me to pursue SOMEONE ELSE through this message?  (Ask God to send me to an unlikely or unliked person who’s ready for Jesus, and then to help me know how to share Jesus with him/her when the opportunity comes.)
  • …pursue baptism. (If you’re a follower of Jesus and have never been baptized, what’s keeping you?  Talk to Pastor Nate today!)