Passage: Acts 5:12-42

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"What makes a day 'Good'?"

Three different reasons people suffer:

  1. People suffer for BEING STUPID
  2. People suffer for PERSONAL GROWTH
  3. People suffer for THE NAME OF JESUS


Am I a courageous member of the body of Christ, ready to suffer for the honor of Jesus' name?


My next step with God is to...

  • spend some time considering these "response questions":
    • Do I generally avoid resistance?
    • Can I think of times I have recently invited resistance for someone else's spiritual good?
  • ask God for an opportunity to bring honor to Jesus' name and the courage to take it
  • watch for how people in the Bible responded to suffering as I continue reading through the book of Acts.
  • participate in the home group book study, "Letters to the Church" by Francis Chan as a companion study to the sermon series (chapter 6)
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