Passage: Romans 1-3
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Romans 1 ~ “the obviously bad”. Gentiles or the Rebellious

Romans 2 ~ “the apparently good”. Jews or the Religious

Conclusion of Romans 1 & 2: WE’RE ALL STUCK.

“From criminals to clergy we’re all unworthy.”

Romans 3:9-31

How GOOD must you be for God to consider you RIGHTEOUS? (Romans 3:19-25)

How can God justly declare us RIGHTEOUS when we’re NOT? (Romans 3:25)

Jesus became my substitute.

But how could ONE MAN’S DEATH cover SO MANY SINS? (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Jesus’ blood was divine and His sacrifice was perfect.

His sacrifice is applied to my debt by faith.


Next Steps

  • Is there someone I can share the “dirty plate analogy” with?
  • I need Jesus to “clean my plate” by placing my faith in Him for the new righteousness that comes from God.
  • Spend some more time processing Romans 1-3.
  • Renew my commitment to practice Pi2 (see below) so I am better positioned to be used of God to share the gospel.

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