Ready To Testify

Ready To Testify

Passage: Acts 26
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Ready To Testify

Acts 26: Paul shares his story

3 important OBSERVATIONS about Paul’s defense:

  1. The Transformation of Paul’s life
  2. The Conviction of Paul’s belief
  3. The Courage behind Paul’s message

3 important HANDLES in sharing your story:

  1. What was I like before Jesus?
  2. How did I come to believe in Jesus?
  3. What changed after I came to believe?

My NEXT STEP with God, THIS WEEK is to...

  • ...think through the 3 handles of my story (before I met Jesus, how I came to believe, and how I changed afterward) – and write it down.
  • ...focus on the 2nd handle – place my faith in Jesus for forgiveness AND give Him permission to write my story from this point on.
  • ...ask God for an opportunity to share my story with someone.

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