Unstuck: Security

Unstuck: Security

Passage: Romans 5:6-8
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Finding security & hope in Jesus’ death and resurrection

Part 1: Romans 5:6-8

Question of the day: What is one thing about the resurrection story that still amazes you?

2 PRICELESS GIFTS Jesus gives to His followers through His death & resurrection: Security and Hope

2 POWERFUL OBSTACLES that keep us STUCK: Insecurity and Hopelessness

Romans 5:6-8 Receiving the gift of Security

My value to God is not found in my Behavior, it’s found in my person. He simply loves me.

I don’t need to live for the approval of people, because I already have the approval of God.

I don’t need to fear rejection by God because I’m already accepted through Jesus.

I can rest secure knowing my value is not found in my behavior. my value is found in my person.


  • I want to consciously attach my sense of security to Christ alone.
  • I want to receive the incredible love Jesus offers by putting my faith in His death for my forgiveness.
  • I want to come back next Sunday to find out more about how Jesus’ resurrection can give me power to overcome struggles that are still defeating me.