God is a Jealous God Don’t Try to Replace Him (week 2)

God is a Jealous God Don’t Try to Replace Him (week 2)

Passage: Jeremiah 17:5-10
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Week #2:   Have I replaced God in any way?

Even good things can become bad things when they become ruling things.

Modern-Day Idols:

                        FOOD__                                 ACCEPTANCE __

                 SEX __                                     PLEASURE __

               MONEY __                             SUCCESS __

                CONTROL __                         RESPECT __


What do I think about and what do I imagine will bring me happiness?

What pleasure do I want so badly that I’m willing to sin in order to get it?  Or what do I fear losing so much that I think nothing of sinning in order to hang onto it?




  1. What did you want, desire, or wish for?
  2. What did you fear? What were you worrying about?
  3. What did you think you needed?
  4. What were your strategies and intentions designed to accomplish?
  5. What or whom were you trusting?
  6. Whom were you trying to please? Whose opinion of you counted?
  7. What were you loving? Hating?
  8. What would have brought you the greatest pleasure, happiness, or delight? What would have brought you the greatest pain and misery?


My NEXT STEP with God

  • use the diagnostic questions from my program notes the next time I catch myself choosing wrong instead of right.
  • read Romans 8 for hope & help in the battle against my idols.
  • participate in a home group for support in the battle.
  • share my story (including my struggle) with someone on my Pi2 list.

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