God is a Jealous God Don’t Try to Replace Him (Week 1)

God is a Jealous God Don’t Try to Replace Him (Week 1)

Passage: Exodus 32:1-35
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Background: Exodus 24:15-18

Exodus 32:1-35

Is it ok with me that God is described as "jealous"?

Jealousy is  the angry side of love.


My NEXT STEP with God

  • Ask myself: Have I lost sight of God’s holiness?  What do I need to do to get it back? (Resources: Exodus 19-20; Job 38-41; Isaiah 40; Matthew 5-7; Matt 24-25)
  • Consider: Do I feel comforted or threatened by the jealousy of God? What does that say about my relationship with Him? (Resources: James 4:1-10; Romans 8; John 14-15)
  • Keep growing by participating in the next 8-week session of home groups where we’ll discuss how Sunday’s messages apply to the rest of our week. “Fuse with other believers and pursue application of truth together.”
  • I want to get in on this exclusive relationship God wants with me! (Talk to the friend who invited you here or one of the pastors before you leave today.)

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