A People Worth Imitating

A People Worth Imitating

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10, 4:1-12
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I Thessalonians

Question of the day: “Who was one of your heroes as a kid?”

What made the Thessalonian church STAND OUT?

  1. Work produce by FAITH.
  2. Labor prompted by LOVE.
  3. Endurance inspired by HOPE in our Lord Jesus Christ.

“What is invisible in essence becomes visible in expression.”

God is most glorified in us when the invisible aspects of our faith become visible to others

My Next Step with God this week is to...

  • Who are my top Christian Heroes right now? Have I come to the place where Jesus really is the Main Person I am trying to imitate?
  • Where can other people see my faith, love & hope?
  • Who are those people?
  • Have any of my christian heroes let me down? How am I doing processing that disappointment?
  • Ask a friend where they can see the expressions of my faith, love & hope.
  • Read a biography (Try one of Eric Metaxes' options "Seven Men", "Seven Women", etc or for kids, check out the "Christian Heroes Then & Now" series)
  • Renew my commitment to practicing "Pi2"