The Most Powerful Force

The Most Powerful Force

Passage: 1 Timothy 1
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The Most Powerful Force

3 ways the church in Ephesus was getting sidetracked:

  1.  False Doctrines
  2. Myths
  3. Endless Geneologies


Paul describes himself as: a grace-desperate sinner, drunk on the mercy of God.

Paul describes Jesus as: an unbelievably merciful Savior, specifically targeting the worst and the least in order to grant royalty and honor to the least likely, who then become the most appreciative and render to God the highest praise.

I describe myself as ______________________________________________.


My NEXT STEP with God:

- Admit your own unworthiness.
- Believe that Jesus gave His life for you anyway.
- Recognize what that says about God’s heart for you.
- Ask for His grace & forgiveness – and receive it.
- Write out your story following Paul’s format in I Timothy 1.
- In a few sentences, describe who you were before Christ (your specific sin tendencies), who you are now (include current weaknesses), and what God has done for you in spite of all that (even because of it).
- Read what you wrote every day this week.
- Ask God for a chance to share it with someone.
Book recommendations:
- Transforming Grace (Jerry Bridges, 1991)
- Gentle and Lowly (Dane Ortlund, 2020)