A Parable For Our Time

A Parable For Our Time

Passage: Luke 19:11-27
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The Parable of the 10 Minas

How will God Ultimately bring Justice?

  1. The faithful (those full of faith) will be rewarded.
  2. The wicked (those who reject God) will be judged & punished.
  3. The unfaithful (who believe yet waste what God has given them) will suffer loss of reward

Personal Application: What am I doing with My life?

How can I pursue God's kingdom with my W.O.R.K.?

  1. Work as if Jesus were my immediate supervisor, because He is!
  2. Observe the ways my work helps people.
  3. Remember that everyone I work with will spend eternity somewhere.
  4. Keep in mind that my actions & my words can either help or hinder God's kingdom work.