When My Boss is a Jerk

When My Boss is a Jerk

Passage: 1 Peter 2:18-20
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  • Jesus didn’t come to free people from slavery, He came to free them from their sins.
  • Jesus didn’t come to change the national culture, He came to change lives.
  • The Bible doesn’t directly condone or admonish slavery. It regulates it.


First century slavery was not like slavery in America.

  • 1st century slavery was not racial.
  • Slavery typically wasn’t lifelong.
  • Often, slavery was more like a job.
  • Reasons for slavery were many.


Your boss’s behavior is not the standard of submission.

The only way you get a reward when you submit is if you submit because you’re doing it for God's glory.

We have a choice:  submit or quit

You can make submitting to your difficult boss an act of worship.


3 things God may do if you choose not to quit:

  1. Give you a new boss.
  2. Give you a new job.
  3. Give you the capacity to live in that situation.


5 Ways to find joy in a job you don’t love:

  1. Repent of ideal jobolatry.
  2. Fill yourself with scripture & prayer every day.
  3. Invest in the tasks and the relationships of your work.
  4. Contemplate the goodness of your job.
  5. Remind yourself that your identity is in Christ, not your job.
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