How did Jesus do it?

Passage: 1 Peter 2:21-23
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Your default response to embarrassing situation says a lot about you.

Your default response to unjust suffering says a lot about you.


3 types of default responses:

  1. Agressive responses - Blame, Anger, Defensive
  2. Passive responses - Self-pity, Withdraw
  3. Holding responses - Deny or Postpone feelings


“To this you were called ”   I Peter 2:21

Jesus’ suffering for us is what changed us.


How did Jesus do it?  I Peter 2:22-23

  1. No sin. V22
  2. No deceit. V22
  3. No retaliation. V23
  4. No threats. V23
  5. INSTEAD, he entrusted himself to the just judge. V23



The next time you suffer unjustly, before you run from it, ask God,

“Is there a purpose in my suffering big enough to keep me in it?”

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