Unstuck: Hope

Unstuck: Hope

Passage: Romans 6:1-14
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Finding security & hope in Jesus’ death and resurrection”

Part 2: Romans 6:1-14

Jesus’ DEATH offers me security.

Jesus’ RESURRECTION offers me hope.

Can you identify one personal struggle you would love to overcome?

Romans 6:1-14

How can I break free from the grip of sin?

  1. Think of yourself as the “new self”, not the “old self”.

  1. Actively resist sins that attract you.

2 ways people overcome:

  1. The struggle is goes away.

  2. I become stronger than the desire.

Where has God already given you victory?

My NEXT STEP with God, THIS WEEK is to…

  • …believe God when He says sin is no longer my master.
  • …bring my struggle to God with new resolve to fight it by the power of the resurrection.
  • …memorize one or more verses from Romans 6:1-14 as spiritual ammunition for the battle.
  • …share my struggle with a trusted friend or find a counselor for support in the fight.
  • …share with someone this week one victory over sin I’ve experienced by God’s power.