Live Ready

Live Ready

Passage: I Thessalonians 4-5
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W.ORK as if Jesus were my immediate supervisor, because He is!
O.BSERVE the ways my work helps people, because it does!
R.EMEMBER that everyone I work with will spend eternity somewhere.
K.EEP in mind, my actions and my words can either help or hinder God’s Kingdom work.

How can we be ready for it?

- SALVATION FIRST. Make sure your faith is in JESUS!
- Don’t get caught “asleep” (spiritually unprepared)
- Be “alert” (watchful, spiritually focused on God’s Kingdom work)
- Be “self-controlled” (sober, calm)
- Put on FAITH and LOVE as a breastplate
- Put on the HOPE OF SALVATION as a helmet

My “NEXT STEP” with God this week is to…

  • TO WHAT DEGREE is Jesus promised second coming affecting my perspective on this life?
  • IN WHAT SPECIFIC WAYS is Jesus second coming affecting my choices?
  • If Jesus came back today, WOULD HE BE PLEASED with the way I'm living?