Hope in Darkness

Hope in Darkness

Passage: Revelation 8-12
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HOPE in Darkness

Revelation 8-12

The structure of Revelation:

  • The 7 Seals – Revelation 6
  • The 7 Trumpets – Revelation 8
  • The 7 Bowls – Revelation 16

The dark version of the nativity: (Revelation 12)

The 2 witnesses: (Revelation 11)

Where can we find HOPE in Revelation 8-12?

  1.  Satan couldn't touch the Christ-child.
    • (Satan can’t do anything God doesn’t permit him to do.)
  2. The two witnesses can't be killed.
    • (God will accomplish his goal regardless of the opposition.)
  3. The wrath of God has an end point.
    • (But the glorious Kingdom of God goes on forever.)
  4. None of these judgments are for God's people.
    • (God's wrath is not for God’s people. The kingdom of God is for us!)


Next Steps:

As you celebrate Christmas this year, go ahead and reflect on the past: the shepherds, the wise men, Mary’s pondering and the precious new baby. But also look to the future. Jesus is coming again; and when He does, He will return as King. And since His coming will be unexpected and sudden, we want to make sure we're ready. So as you're scrambling around these last few days getting ready for Christmas, stressing out about gifts and food and all the details, take a moment to reflect on whether you’re living in such a way that you are ready for the return of the King.