Passage: Revelation 13
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Would you rather have been there for Christ’s birth or His second coming?
How will the Antichrist accumulate so much POWER?
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One reason why it is most probable that God’s people will be “raptured”
before the judgment events of the book of Revelation:
_____________________________________________________ 2 Thess 2:5-8
If we’re not even going to be here, why do we need to know this stuff?
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Comparing the real thing with a counterfeit:
JESUS Antichrist
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My NEXT STEP with God this week:
 Renew my commitment to Jesus, affirming my loyalty and gratitude
to God.
 Ask Jesus for freedom from my bondage to sin and brokenness, and
accept His offer of forgiveness that came at the cost of His life.
 For further study about the Antichrist, compare Revelation 13 with 2
Thessalonians 2 and Daniel 9:20-27.
 To see what the real Kingdom of God will be like, read Revelation 18
through 22