Fighting Temptation to Win

Fighting Temptation to Win

Passage: Matthew 4:1-11
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Fighting Temptation to WIN!

Matthew 4:1-11

ROUND 1:  Cravings  Matt 4:2-4

The temptation is to satisfy our cravings in a way that dishonors God.


ROUND 2:  Testing God Matt 4:5-7

The temptation is to test God when what God wants is for us to trust Him.


ROUND 3: Shortcuts  Matt 4:-8-10

The temptation is to take shortcuts and skip the hard stuff.


Tips for the fight:

  • Recognize the source of your temptation.
  • Acknowledge the enemy can only appeal to the desires you already have.
  • Project where the temptation will take you (long term).
  • Resist!

Where do you face your most dangerous temptation?


Next Steps:

  • Add to my arsenal for the battle against temptation by choosing 1 or 2 relevant scriptures to memorize.
    • For general temptation: I Cor 10:13; James 4:7-8; Phil 2:13.
    • For boasting: Matt 6:1. Fighting lust: Matt 5:27-28.
    • Fighting  anger: Matt 5:21-22.
    • Find others for your temptation!
  • Join the journey through the New Testament by reading 5 chapters/week.
  • Take a step deeper into community by participating in a home group for the Jan-Feb session.
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