Encouragement & Hope in Jesus

Encouragement & Hope in Jesus

Passage: Matthew 8-9
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Encouragement & Hope in Jesus

Matthew 8 & 9

1st Story: Jesus’ encounter with a powerful gentile. Matthew 8:5-13

  • Who is this man?
  • What’s IMPORTANT?
  • Where do I find HOPE?
  • How does this story get PERSONAL for me?

2nd Story: Five Desperate Men Matthew 9:1-8

  • Where do I find HOPE?
  • How does this story get PERSONAL?

3rd Story: Matthew’s Story Matthew 9:9-13

  • What’s IMPORTANT in this story?
    • Jesus chose Matthew, knowing exactly who he was.
    • Jesus came to heal the broken, not to applaud the righteous.
    • Jesus is looking for His followers to take up the same mission. “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.”
  • Where do I find HOPE?
  • How does the story get PERSONAL?

Next Steps:

  • Take the next leg of the journey, savoring the goodness of God as I read Matthew 11-15 this week.
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