Everything Points to the Gospel

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Youversion Event

What comes to your mind when you think about the things that are most important to God?


The gospel is the environment out of which all God-pleasing values and priorities grow.   The entire Bible is the story of the gospel.


The Great Story comes in 4 Acts:

Act 1: Creation Genesis 1-2

Act 2: Fall Genesis 3 – Malachi

You can’t fix the problem of the human condition by fixing the environment.

Act 3: Redemption Matthew – Jude

Act 4: Restoration Revelation


My NEXT STEP with God is to

  • I want my relationship with God to move from an “add-on” to become the main thing.
  • I need help moving from “Act 2, Fall” to “Act 3, Redemption”.
  • Read “Gospel Primer” slowly to marinate in the multifaceted good news called the gospel.
  • Commit to read through the Bible in 2020, watching for how the 4 Acts of the Story play out.
  • Watch for other places I see The Story’s echo (in movies, in life).