Avoiding the Two Enemies of the Gospel

Passage: Romans 1:1-2:24
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Legalism or License

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Romans 1:1-2:24

Legalism says "You Better"

License says "Whatever"

Romans 3:19-28


“The gospel transforms our hearts and our thinking and changes our approaches to absolutely everything.  When the gospel is expounded and applied in its fullness in any church, that church will look unique.  People will find in it an attractive, electrifying balance of moral conviction and compassion.”

Timothy Keller, “Center Church” p51.


My NEXT STEP with God is to ask God, “Have I lost my balance in the way I approach You?”

  • Which enemy of the gospel is a greater threat to me? LEGALISM or LICENSE
  • Ask God to show me where I need to change my thinking to correct my balance of truth & grace.
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