What does God want from His people in the last days?

What does God want from His people in the last days?

Passage: 2 Timothy 3

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“It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.”

  1. A Description of the darkness in the last days. 2 Tim 3:1-9
  2. A Prescription that will brighten your shine. 2 Tim 3:10-17
    • Follow other godly mentors. V10-14
    • Anchor your Faith to God’s Word –and let it shape you. V14-17

Next Steps:

    • Join Cornerstone’s “Journey through the New Testament” by committing to read 5 chapters/week throughout 2021.
    • Ask God to lead you to a mentor who can help you continue growing as a follower of Jesus (If you already have a mentor, continue to invest in thatrelationship.)
    • Create a “healthy opposites list” from 2 Timothy 3:2-5 and ask God to help you keep growing in the right direction. (Share your insights with a trusted friend.)
    • Consider how the original characters in the Christmas story were living as they waited for Jesus’ 1stcoming –then compare your findings with how God intends for us to live as we wait for His 2ndcoming.

PNate’s Challenge:

  1. Commit to DAILY PERSONAL TIME in God’s Word.
  2. Commit to WEEKLY VOICE CONTACT with someone from your church family.
  3. Commit to WEEKLY CONTACT with someone you know who is not well connected with God.