The Pathway to Blessing

The Pathway to Blessing

Passage: Psalm 119:1-16
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The Pathway to Blessing

Psalm 119:1-16

The Law of God My action
V1 Law walk
V2 Statutes keep
V3 Ways walk
V4 Precepts fully obey
V5 Decrees obey
V6 Commands consider
V7 Laws learn
V8 Decrees obey
V9 Word live by
V10 Commands not stray
V11 Word hide
V12 Decrees be taught
V13 Laws recount
V14 Statutes follow
V15 Precepts / Ways meditate
V16 Decrees / Word delight


Selective obedience is Disobedience.
PERFECTION is not actually God’s expectation of us.
(He knows we fail.)
Desire for total obedience is what God is looking for.
(He wants our heart.)

7 steps on the pathway to blessing:

1. Turn v1-2
2. Learn v7

3. Commit v8

4. Lean v10,12

5. Memorize v11

6. Meditate v13,15

7. Delight v14,16