Naked & Unashamed

Naked & Unashamed

Passage: Genesis 2
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Youversion Event

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“Naked & Unashamed”

  • Accepted as we are
  • Loved without condition
  • Free to share our deepest self without a hint of fear of rejection

Next Steps:

  • If I have one, thank God for a specific relationship in my life that is emotionally and spiritually “naked & unashamed”.
  • If I don’t have a relationship like this, ask God to bring me to a place where I can genuinely be “naked and unashamed” with another person.
  • Read through Genesis 2-3 a couple of times this week, considering relationships as God designed them, compared with relationships as they often are.
  • Begin praying with greater intensity and hope for healing in a relationship in my life that has been damaged.