Is my subdued worship enough?

Is my subdued worship enough?

Passage: Psalm 30
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PRAISE is an expression of honor & thanks to God in response to who He is and what He’s done.

  •             Praise isn’t always & only given to God.
  •             Praise is a response to something.
  •             When we praise God, we’re praising Him for something.


YADAH    “To revere or worship with outreached hands. To hold out the hands.  To throw a stone or arrow.”

Psalm 30


Am I giving to God the PRAISE He fully deserves?

“My expression of worship affects and reflects the posture of my heart toward God.”   ~ Chris Tomlin, “Holy Roar”

Further Study: Read Psalm 28:2, 63:4, 88:9, 134:2, 141:2, 143:6 and  Lamentations 3:41 and I Kings 8:22

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