I’m with Him

I’m with Him

Passage: Romans 6:1-10

Prayer: “God, please use the truth of Romans 6 to help me die to this sin.”

The gospel: The good news that Jesus offers Forgiveness, Freedom from Sin, and New Life through faith in Him.

God Intends to change the way we Look at our sin.
“It’s like drinking Anti-Freeze.”

“I’m with Him”
“Baptized into Christ Jesus” Rom 6:3
“Buried with Him” Rom 6:4
“United with Him” (in His death and resurrection) Rom 6:5
“Crucified with Him” Rom 6:6
“Died with Christ and Live with Him” Rom 6:8

“I’m no longer a slave to sin ; I am a child of God.”

File 1 is testimony from Tom
File 2 is Nate's sermon