How does PRAYER really work?

Passage: Matthew 6:7-13
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How can you pray more like Jesus?   Matt. 6:7-13

John 14:13,14  What is praying “in Jesus’ Name”?

John 15:7 How can you know you are praying “in Jesus’ Name”?

I John 5:12, 13  How can you believe in Jesus’ NAME?

I John 5:14,15  How can you know you’ll get what you pray for?

Rom. 8:25-28  What if you still don’t know God’s will for you?


Next Steps:

  • Ask Jesus, who loves and forgives me, to give me eternal life with Him
  • Start to pattern my prayer life after Jesus’ prayer in Matt. 6:7-13
  • Start asking for God’s will instead of my own plans.
  • Read God’s word daily, looking for His will for me, and doing it.
  • Be patient in prayer, knowing that God’s timing is best!
  • OTHER …
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