How does God really feel about Sex?

Passage: Genesis 1:27-28
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God is very much Pro-Sex.

4 Reasons God made us sexual creatures:

  1. Physical Pleasure - Proverbs 5:18-19, Song of Solomon 2:3
  2. Procreation - Genesis 1:28
  3. Relational Intimacy - Genesis 2:18-225
  4. A Spiritual Object Lesson - Ephesians 5:31-32


If God is so pro-sex, then why does it seem like He is so Anti-Sex when I read the Bible?

Myths people believe about God & sex:

  1. MYTH: Christians’ sex lives and views of sex are dull, boring, and “out of touch.”
    • TRUTH: The scriptures command God’s people to be downright erotic in their marital love.
  2. MYTH: As long as people love each other, sex is ok with God.
    • TRUTH: The Bible prohibits all sexual relationships outside of marriage.
  3. MYTH: Everyone needs to sow their wild oats and experiment sexually before they settle down in a long-term relationship.
    • TRUTH: Sexual sins have a uniquely devastating impact on people’s lives because it’s a sin against yourself.
  4. MYTH: It’s too late for me; sexual sin is so powerful, nothing can loosen its grip on my life.
    • TRUTH:  Christ died to pay the penalty of your sin and break its power in your life.


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