How Do I KNOW It’s God’s Plan?

How Do I KNOW It’s God’s Plan?

Passage: Ezra 1-6
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Principles in following God’s Plan

1. They did it God's way.
2. They respected God over human pressure.
3. They made Relationship to God most important.
4. They worshipped God as they served.
5. Don’t look to the past but the future.
6. God allows set back to build our faith and show His Power.
7. God provided Abundantly!

My NEXT STEP with God this week:

- Look for God’s opportunities in my life and ministry.
- Make sure I’m following God’s Biblical plan.
- Is God more important to me than my service?
- How is God building my relationship with HIM?
- How have set-backs helped build my faith?
- Other?