How Can I Know God’s Will for my Life?

How Can I Know God’s Will for my Life?


The 3 “Wills” of God:
1. Sovereign will - God always gets his way
2. Moral will - God points out the right way
3. Individual will - God has a plan for you.

5 Reasons why hunting for God’s individual will is a bad idea:
1. Success and blessing come from submitting to the moral will of God, not from finding His individual will.
2. A few examples of God’s individual will in the Bible does not make it normative for every person.
3. When God did reveal His individual will, it was supernatural and clear.
4. We are never commanded to find God’s individual will.
5. The idea that God is hiding His will from us and wants us to struggle to discover it doesn’t match the character of God.

5 Principles to help you make your own God-pleasing decisions:
1. The principle of humble trust.
2. The principle of committed obedience.
3. The principle of freedom.
4. The principle of wisdom.
5. The principle of flexibility.

Bottom line advice:
1. Submit to the sovereign will of God.
2. Obey the moral will of God.
3. Enjoy your freedom.
4. Choose wisely.
5. Leave room for God's Spirit.