House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Passage: Matthew 21:12-17
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Matthew 21:12-17

The environment of God’s house is supposed to be...

  1. An environment of Prayer Matthew 21:13
    • Words I would use to describe my current prayer life:________________________________________.
    • Words I would use to describe the prayer life I want to have:________________________________________.
  2. An environment of Healing Matthew 21:14
    • Would I rather experience physical or spiritual healing?____________________
  3. An environment of Celebration Matthew21:15


We don’t want to simply tolerate the high energy levels of our kids, we want to Model for our kids excitement about the right things.


My next step with God this week is to...

  • ...evaluate my contribution to Cornerstone being a “house of prayer”.
  • ...ask God for courage and the opportunity to pray with someone soon.
  • ...continue the NT journey by reading Matthew 26-28 and Acts 1-2.
  • Other: