Hold onto your faith, God’s not Wrong!

Hold onto your faith, God’s not Wrong!

Passage: Jude 1:1-25
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In what ways is the Christian faith under attack?

  1.   Arrogant thinkers, believing they are the enlightened ones, dismiss God as an expired product from the superstition aisle of the supermarket of ideas.
    • What Christ-followers call “wisdom”, this enemy calls “archaic”.
  2. Power hungry tyrants, believing God to be a threat to their power, do everything they can to discredit His reputation and eliminate His influence in order to absorb for themselves the power that belongs only to God.
    • What Christ followers call “holy fear”, this enemy calls “hocus pocus”.
  3. Free spirits, believing God to be a man-made agent designed to  manipulate and control, cast Him off their back as a threat to their happiness, and work hard to erase Him altogether.
    • What Christ followers call “morality”, this enemy calls “toxic”.
  4. Pain & suffering can lead to doubt and discouragement, and it can pull us away from God.
    • What Christ followers call “the refiners fire”, this enemy calls “meaningless”.

“Godless leaders” are undermining the faith in two ways:

  1. They are encouraging God’s people to follow their sexual instincts rather than God’s more restrictive instructions on sexual morality. And their argument is grace.
  2. They are rejecting the authority of Jesus.

Sex is designed by God to be a unique, private, exclusive expression of intimacy between a man and a woman who have committed themselves to one another in the sacred bond of marriage.

Examples of destructive teachings found inside God’s churches:

  1. Hell isn’t actually a literal place.
  2. The gospel is too exclusive.
  3. God’s standards on sexuality are outdated & irrelevant.
  4. Your right to be happy is more important than your responsibility to do what God says is right.

3 actions steps we can take:

  1. Utterly reject leaders & teaching that contradict God’s Word. 
  2. Invest in your relationship with God and establish habits that will enrich your faith.
  3. Undo the work of these ungodly leaders and teachings by helping others discover the truth.


My NEXT STEP with God this week:

  • Which of the adversaries mentioned today has the greatest influence in my life right now? 
  • Is there an area of belief or practice where I’ve begun to doubt God? 
  • When I consider things God has told me to do or not do, am I believing God is for me or do I think He's holding back on me?