Healthy Gardens & Smart Farmers

Healthy Gardens & Smart Farmers

Passage: Mark 4:1-20
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Healthy Gardens & Smart Farmers

What happens when Jesus teaches people the truths of God?

Mark 4:1-20

My life is a Garden

Threats to my garden

  1. The hard packed path
  2. Rocks
  3. Weeds

Prepping your garden for growth:

  • Does trouble or hardship easily throw me off spiritually, or does it drive me deeper into God’s presence where I find comfort & hope?
  • What things discourage me most or cause doubts in me?
  • Is there anything I love more than God?

I am a Farmer

What’s my farming style?

  • seed scattering
  • smart farming


Let’s tend our gardens well and be smart farmers!


My NEXT STEP with God, THIS WEEK is to…

  • …tend to my own garden (soul care) by ...
  • …become more intentional as a “farmer” (recommit to practicing Pi2, reach out this week to someone I care about who is far from God).