Handling Difficult Bible Passages

Handling Difficult Bible Passages

Passage: I Peter 3:18-22
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What Not to Do.

  1. Don’t turn to Google for an answer.
  2. Don’t assume the unexplained is inexplicable.
  3. Don’t presume the Bible is guilty until proven innocent.
  4. Don’t allow confusion on a mionr issue to cause a major crisis of faith.
  5. Don’t be bothered that you can’t understand everything.

What to do.

  1. Start with prayer.
  2. Check the context.
  3. Compare multiple translations.
  4. Let Scripture interpret Scripture.
  5. Consult a good study bible.
  6. Consult 1 or 2 good commentaries.
  7. Consider the options & ask, “Which one makes sense?”

What is Peter talking about in I Peter 3:18-22???


            Who are these “spirits” and what does it mean that Jesus preached to them?


Does baptism have a part in my salvation?


The most important concept in this entire confusing passage is: The authority of Jesus Christ

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