God wants me to take PRAYER seriously

God wants me to take PRAYER seriously

Passage: 1 Timothy 2:1-15
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God wants me to take PRAYER seriously

  1. Don’t forget to Pray. I Timothy 2:1-7
    • Prayer assumes as submissive posture with God.
    • How are we supposed to pray for our leaders?
      • That their leadership would result in a peaceful life for those under their rule. V2
      • That they would personally embrace the gospel and receive
        God’s salvation. V4
      • That they would recognize their place under God’s
        sovereign rule. V5-6
  2. Keep your focus on God as a gathered church. I Timothy 2:8-10
    • MEN: (v8)
    • LADIES: (v9-10)
  3. Men and women, embrace the role God has chosen for you. I Timothy 2:11-15
    • Egalitarian:
    • Complementarian:
    • 2 biblical arguments for the complementarian view:
      1. Argument from the creation order. V12-13
      2. Argument from God's design. (Male & female are beautifully different from one another.)

My NEXT STEP with God this week:

  • accept and embrace the unique role God has given me as a man or woman.
  • pursue a better understanding of my God-given role. “
    • 5 Aspects of Man/Woman” Bible study (talk to Anne Herrlin)
    • “Love & Respect” book by Emmerson Eggerichs.
  • move toward a more prayerfully submissive approach to God in all my life circumstances.