God wants me to take HOLINESS seriously

God wants me to take HOLINESS seriously

Passage: 1 Timothy 6:11-16
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1. The Charge to take holiness seriously v11-12

4 high-intensity verbs: flee, pursue, fight, take hold.

In how I relate to God, I will pursue...

  • ...righteousness: Doing what is right.
  • ...godliness: Becoming a person whose character looks more and more like God.
  • ...faith: Choosing to trust in a God we can’t see with our eyes.

In how I relate to others, I will pursue...

  • ...love: Giving yourself to others, often at personal cost to yourself.
  • ...endurance: Not giving up, even when facing the most severe opposition.
  • ...gentleness: treating others with mercy rather than justice.

2. A reminder of where this all came from v12b-14

  • At His trial, Jesus claimed to be the King of the Jews.
  • During his ministry, Jesus’ miracles & teaching confirmed He was King of the Jews.
  • Jesus’ life, ministry and manner of death fulfilled dozens of Old Testament
    prophecies proving He was indeed the Messiah, King of the Jews.
  • Jesus’ resurrection from the dead gave ultimate validation that His
    claim is true.

3. A glimpse of the Holy One v15-16
GOD IS ruler of all. GOD IS greater than all.


My NEXT STEP with God this week:

  • IMMERSE. Read through 1 Timothy again to review with God what He wants from us.
  • FUSE. Sign up for one of the summer home groups!
  • RADIATE. Choose one of the 4 high-intensity verbs to focus on as
    you strive to take holiness seriously so that you can radiate God's love more effectively. (Flee. Pursue. Fight. Take hold.)
  • Get a copy of “the Holiness of God” by RC Sproul to read as a companion book to the upcoming teaching series.