God wants me to take Him seriously

God wants me to take Him seriously

Passage: I Timothy 1:1-11
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An important part of taking God seriously includes taking God's word seriously.

  1. Don’t allow false teaching to go unchallenged. V3
    1. Essential teachings
    2. Dangerous errors
  2. Don’t allow distracting non-essentials to take center stage. V4

If the thing I’m most focused on is not rooted in love for God or people;
if it’s not promoting love for God or people, it’s probably off track.

People are deciding whether our God can be trusted based on the
behavior of His followers.

Things we need to remember about the law:

1. The law is good. V8

2. The law is for lawbreakers. V9-11

3. If you really want to please God, simply keeping the law won’t cut it. V5

God is calling us to become people whose passion is to do the
work of God, which is to represent God by loving well.

My NEXT STEP with God this week:

Make a list of what evidence in your life indicates that you are taking both God and His Word seriously. (If there is evidence that you’re not, that might be worth noting & talking to God about as well.)