God Never Fails to Provide: Don’t Give in to Doubt

God Never Fails to Provide: Don’t Give in to Doubt

Passage: Exodus 16:1-36
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Which word most accurately describes the pace of my life? 

         □ hectic        □ slow         □ just about right

“I typically set aside a 24 hour day for rest every week” 

         □ yes              □ no            □ I have no idea what you’re talking about

Intellectual theology = what I think I believe

Practical theology = what I really believe


Exodus 16:1-36

  1. Israel is in Need Exodus 16:1-3

They need food and they need faith.

  1. God Provides Exodus 16:4-36
    • God provides Food
    • God provides Faith
    • God provides Rest

How do overly busy people doubt God?

We doubt God when we refuse to rest.

Is the Sabbath commandment still for today?

  • Jesus made rest a priority.
  • The reason God gave for Sabbath rest goes all the way back to creation.

 4 things to INCLUDE on your day of rest:

  1. Reading
  2. Recreation
  3. Relationship
  4. Rest

4 things to AVOID on your day of rest:

  1. Work you get paid for
  2. Housework (work you don't get paid for)
  3. To do lists
  4. Technology

My NEXT STEP with God is to...

  • …confess my unbelief to God.
  • …brainstorm changes that could make room in my weekly schedule for a rest day.
  • …make one day this week a day of rest.
  • …continue reading Exodus 13-32 and Numbers 11-14, looking for Israel’s 10 failures.

More info: The Lost Practice of Resting One Day Each Week

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