God is your authoirty; Don’t resist where He’s put you.

God is your authoirty; Don’t resist where He’s put you.

Passage: Numbers 12:13-19
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Two Accusations (against Moses):

  1. Moses married a Cushite
  2. Moses has too much authority

Two Reasons (why we think Miriam is the instigator):

  1. Miriam’s name comes first
  2. Miriam is the one who gets leprosy

Two Clues (about Miriam’s background):

  1. Moses had an older sister
  2. Moses and Aaron are brothers

Two Defenses (supporting Moses’ character):

  1. “Moses was the most humble man on earth.”
  2. Moses doesn’t defend himself

Two Responses (from God):

  1. Miriam will be disgraced
  2. God will restore Miriam


Two Bible Passages:

  1. Romans 13:1-2 2
  2. I Peter 2:13-19

Two Ways to Pray (for your leaders):

  1. Wisdom to follow God’s leading, not just the latest ideas
  2. Open lines of communication

Two ways to Pray (for the rest of us):

  1. A spirit of humility that says to God, “Thy will be done.”
  2. Wisdom to know and live out God’s purposes for us

ARENAS OF AUTHORITY: church – school – work – home

  • My NEXT STEP with God, THIS WEEK is to…
    …identify 1 or 2 authorities in my life who I struggle with and ask God to make clear how He wants me to respond to them so
    that God receives the most honor.
  • …place my trust in Jesus as my highest authority.
  • …join the follow-up conversation at one of our 3 home groups.

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