From invest to invite! Can I do that?

From invest to invite! Can I do that?

Passage: Romans 12:1-8

Christianity is Contagious. How do people catch it?

What is your style of Evenagelism?
Confrontational, Intellectual, Testimonial, Interpersonal, Invitational, and/or Serving.

How do these “Styles” correspond to God’s Spiritual Gifts?

What classes of spiritual gifts are mentioned in I Cor. 12:1-7?
Operations, Manifestations, & Service

What 2 attitudes should we avoid in looking at our gifts? Rom.12:1-6
Pride & Worthlessness

What daily operational gifts are listed in Rom. 12:6-8? How do they each relate to the styles listed above?
Prophesy - Proclaim Gods Word - Confrontational
Serving - Helping with physical needs - Serving
Teaching - Gaining & Sharing information - Intellectual
Encouragement - Make & help friends - Interpersonal or Testimonial
Giving - Provide Needs - Serving or Inviting
Leadership - Organize people - Confrontational
Mercy - Listening & Caring - Interpersonal

How does this impact how you would invest or invite with your personal style of evangelism?

How could you team with others in the body to help your friends come to know Christ more personally?