Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Passage: Acts 2:1-13
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What is the Holy Spirit’s JOB?

Do you think the Holy Spirit is as active at Cornerstone as He could be?

When the Holy Spirit came in Acts 2, what form did He take?  (Acts 2:3)

The Holy Spirit came with supernatural power, but what was the purpose of the power?  (Acts 2:4 & 11)

It was given to empower God's people to do God's work.

Do I really need the Holy Spirit’s power?

Does God intend to empower every Christian today?


God is not looking for every serious Christian to quit their job and become a pastor.  He’s looking for every Christian to be a pastor at their job, in their school, at home – caring for the people around them – striving to lead people to Jesus and fully follow Him together.  That’s the mission we’ve been given by God and that’s what the Holy Spirit is eager to empower. 


My NEXT STEP with God is to…

  • …begin every day reading a chapter of Acts and praying about the day, asking God to show me what work He has for me to do and for the Holy Spirit’s power to do it.
  • …participate in the home group book study, “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan as a companion study to the sermon series. (read chap 3)
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