Adam & Eve’s 6 Bad Decisions in the Garden

Adam & Eve’s 6 Bad Decisions in the Garden

Passage: Genesis 3
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Adam & Eve's 6 Bad Decisions in the Garden

From Genesis 3:1-6 (last time): (1) They doubted God’s goodness; (2) they questioned God’s character; (3) they trusted their own finite judgment rather than trusting God’s infinite wisdom; (4) they chose the result over the right and a person over God.

Genesis 3:6-8 (5) Adam & Eve hid from God rather than confessing their wrong.

    • It makes a lot more sense to confess my sin to God than to try and hide it from Him.
    • Is there anything you need to confess to God or to someone else?

Genesis 3:9-13 (6) Adam & Eve blamed someone else for their own wrongdoing rather than accepting responsibility.

    • Regardless of age, my sin is my responsibility, whether someone else tempted me or not. I will stand before God for my sin.
    • Healthy relationships with others begin with a healthy relationship with God.


Romans 5:6-8 When we were drowning, Jesus saw us.
Ephesians 2:8-9 By Grace we have been rescued!

My NEXT STEP with God this week:

  • Identify a temptation I fall for and walk it through the 6 bad decisions of Adam & Eve. How am I following the same path they did? What truths can help me take a different path? What help do I have in Jesus?
  • Spend some more time reading and studying Genesis 2-3. Am I stuck in Genesis 3 living, or have I found full rescue and peace in Jesus?
  • Spend time in private worship praising God for His loving rescue.

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