A Journey Toward Hope & Faith

Passage: John 15:1-5
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Youversion Event

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Personal Assessment


  • Everybody gets cut by God’s Pruning Shears.
  • As badly as I want us to be connected, it’s even more important that we remain connected with Jesus.
  • The vine & branches analogy is a lot like the 3 words we use to describe healthy Christians: Immerse, Fuse, Radiate

With whom do I have the kind of relationship described in Romans 12:5?

Who do I WANT that kind of relationship with?


Honest Reflection:  Am I spiritually healthy right now?

Next Steps:

  • Ask God which of the 3 areas (Immerse, Fuse, Radiate) He wants me to be more intentional about right now?
  • What might He want me to do to strengthen that aspect of my spiritual health?