What do you WANT from Jesus?

What do you WANT from Jesus?

Passage: john 6:1-71
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What does Jesus want from me?

What do I want from Jesus?

Have I come to the place in my relationship with Jesus where I don’t need His  miracles as much anymore because I have Jesus Himself?

My NEXT STEP with God this week is to...

  • ...honestly, ask myself, “What do I really want from Jesus?”
  • ...repent of the superficial ways I tend to “use” Jesus.
  • ...begin a fresh pursuit of knowing Jesus.
    • Set up a one-on-one with someone I know who has the kind of relationship with Jesus I want.
    • Begin reading one of the three book recommendations (or another option) as a way to get some help in my pursuit of God. (“Experiencing God”, “Knowing God”, “Desiring God”)