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Pi Squared

Some people feel awkward or uncomfortable sharing their faith with friends and family. This series will give you a clear strategy to reach out to loved ones that makes a lot of sense. Pray, Invest, Invite. We call it, “Pi2”.

Real Hero

Man of Honor

2 transferable principles: 1. Recognize God as a key player in the stressful circumstances of my life. 2. Respond to those circumstances with God's honor as my top priority. 4…

What is it that keeps David stable? No Longer Slaves - Jonathan David & Melissa Helser CCLI 1884016

Heaven & Hell

As mortal human beings, we are irresistibly curious about life after death. In addition, most everyone knows that the Bible is not silent on this matter. But what does it really say?
  • Is Heaven beyond imagination?
  • Is there a default destination?
  • Can people in Heaven see me now?
  • Will I remember life before I died?
  • Will I recognize people I … Continue Reading ››

Christmas Events at CCC

All Church Progressive Dinner December 6th 6pm - Starting at the Hench home Ladies Christmas Tea December 15th 6:30pm - We're so excited to gather and celebrate the birth of Jesus with some cookies, tea and You! We're doing a "favorite things" gift exchange as well. If you'd like to participate, bring a gift that is one of your … Continue Reading ››