Pi Squared

Some people feel awkward or uncomfortable sharing their faith with friends and family. This series will give you a clear strategy to reach out to loved ones that makes a lot of sense. Pray, Invest, Invite. We call it, “Pi2”.


A simple gospel outline from John 3:16 1. God loved 2. God gave 3. We believe 4. We receive
Christianity is Contagious. How do people catch it? What is your style of Evenagelism? Confrontational, Intellectual, Testimonial, Interpersonal, Invitational, and/or Serving. How do these “Styles” correspond to God’s Spiritual Gifts?…


What do I have to invest? Self 1. A Story 2. Love to Give 3. A message INVEST = Think “way of life” What is “the mystery of Christ”? Christ…


4 Things to pray for: 1. Providential Moments - God would convince them of their need and His love for them 2. Opportunities 3. Boldness 4. Clarity
If God opens a door, am I ready to walk through it? 2 angles to being prepared to share: 1. Being ready to share God's story 2. Being ready to…
It's better to invest a lot in a few people than to invest a little in a lot of people. 3 kinds of christians: 1. Cactus Christian 2. Chameleon Christian…
4 People to Pray for: 1. Family Member 2. Friend 3. Co-worker/classmate 4. Neighbor 3 things to pray for: 1. Oppurtunties 2. Boldness 3. Clarity